. . . a little navy suitcase with a brown leather handle and silk lining

Purses in hand and ready to go shopping with Aunt Jo.


When my sister Kate was really young, she owned a little navy suitcase with a brown leather handle and silk lining. I think it was the smallest of a set that our Mom owned before she got her fancy new Samsonite luggage one Christmas.

It became Kate’s stash, holding all of her most precious things. She traveled with it on family vacations; otherwise it slid underneath her bed. It was the start of a lifelong love of things that she found pretty/odd/sparkly/unique or useful, even if she alone could envision the latter.

Skip ahead, and you have the attic in Kate’s modest house brimful of wonderful stuff. And I won’t lie to you, we both love shopping antique stores, yard sales, and thrift shops. Clearly it was time to spread the wealth.

Mary & Kate relaxing . . .

So I opened an Etsy shop called KatesChockfullAttic in May 2014, and a second Etsy shop called KatesAtticBargains that November. Now our treasures are online hoping to grab the attention of their new owners.

Why not browse our online catalog here to find out?

Just maybe some of our treasures really belong in your home now.