Vintage Pewter Dancing Couple • French Pewter Etain Plaque Red Velvet


Collectible vintage pewter DANCING COUPLE signed “Etain” (translation = “pewter”), and mounted on a plush red velvet-covered plaque. This is designed to be either hung from the small integrated hook on the back; or to display on bookshelf or tabletop using the fold-out stand on the rear.

It has the original manufacturing tag which reads:
“Guaranteed 82% Pewter • Hand Finished Creation from France”

TIP: Great gift for a sweetheart or bride who’s a pewter collector!

CONDITION: Good vintage condition. No scratches or dents or breaks in the pewter, and the red velvet is very nice. But this is vintage, so please examine the photo close-ups to ensure that you can love them in their AS IS condition.

DIMENSIONS: 7″ tall x 4″ wide x 3″ deep (when standing)


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