Trio (3) Volumes Illustrated Ready Reference Encyclopedia • Little & Ives 1963


Three hardcover volumes from the The Little & Ives (publishing company) ILLUSTRATED READY REFERENCE ENCYCLOPEDIA. Originally published as a 20-volume set “For Home and School,” our three books are Volumes 4, 8 and 10. Handsome covers share the same illustration and gold lettering and the same color endpapers. Each comes with a different color illustration plate as frontispiece. The contents themselves are profusely illustrated with b/w photos, engravings, drawings and art, maps and flags. This is the 1962 edition of these books, published by J.J. Little & Ives Company, Inc., New York. This lot (tied with the ribbon shown here) includes:

• Volume 4, green binding, pp. 451-597, from “Breda” to “Jean Martin Charcot.”
• Volume 8, green binding, pp. 1051-1196, from “George Fox” to “Greece.”
• Volume 10, brown binding, pp. 1347-1492, from “Iceland” to “Jordan.”

DIMENSIONS of each volume: 10 1/4″ x 7″ x 3/4.”

CONDITION: Very good vintage condition: no issues visible when they are lined up on a bookshelf. There is no smell of mildew or mold, only the lovely smell of fine old books. The paper shows signs of age from the sides (see photo close-ups) and spines show minor signs of wear at corners. but no trace of water damage. See the close-up of volume 10 where book has been splayed open flat, but note that the pages remain attached to the cover.



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