Lot Retro 1950s Kitchen • Vintage Copper Shakers & Cast Iron Trivet


This is a mini set of copper-colored aluminum salt & pepper shakers in working order. These are small, widest at the bottom of the black plastic bases that come off for filling (see photo #2 close-up). The top of each is punctured with the letter “S” or the letter “P,” and that’s how the salt and pepper comes out. This set is definitely small enough to leave out on a little tray or within easy reach near the microwave. Or leave it setting out on the trivet, as pictured.

Two 1950s gems for your retro kitchen — for the price of ONE!

BONUS: I’m including with the shaker set a vintage JZH footed cast-iron wheel trivet that looks brand new but could date back as far as 1948. It is dark black, with a textured surface and eight inner circles with a 6-point star in the center. The back of the handle is stamped with the numbers “245” and “4.” 

Together they make a great addition to any kitchen that longs for the good old days.

The salt & pepper shakers are small: 1 3/4″ H x 1 1/2″ wide at bottom of the black plastic bases that come off for filling.

The trivet stands 3/4″ H, is 5″ wide and 8 3/4″ long to the tip of the handle.



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