Lot 4 Child’s CAT STORY BOOKS • Vintage Illustrated Hardcovers


Lot of Four (4) Vintage Children’s Illustrated Hardcovers with cats–a real treat for a book-loving, feline-friendly child; or for DIY crafting projects. Dimensions: approx. 9″ x 6 1/2.” The lot will ship with the grosgrain ribbon as shown in the photo.

• FIRE CAT by Esther Averill • 63 pages • illustrated • 1960
• FRAIDY CAT by Sara Asheron • 60 pages • illustrated • 1970
• CAT IN THE BOX by Dana Michel • 61 pages • illustrated • 1963
• THE CASE OF THE CAT’S MEOW by Crosby Bonsall • 66 pages • illustrated • 1965

CONDITION: Good vintage condition. No damage from water; no pages missing or marked up; bindings are strong. owner’s name in several. The paper has aged and yellowed, but is not torn. Covers show signs of age. Please examine the photo close-ups to ensure that you can love it AS IS.

# 1018B


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