Art Glass Green Cabbage • Handblown Heavy


Add a mid-century modern vibe with this vintage handblown head of lettuce (or cabbage) in a shiny, opaque glass of shades of green. The surface of the head is ribbed and textured to give it that authentic look of leaves. This piece had no stickers but it probably has its origins in one of the art glass studios that were creating stunning pieces to show off the streamlined furniture and architecture of Mid-Century Modern design. Similar glass fruit has been identified as Murano, but I can’t confirm that this is one. It is heavy and looks good from all angles regardless of how you set it down, making this a striking stand-alone sculpture on bookshelf or in a centerpiece bowl.

CONDITION: Excellent vintage condition: no chips or cracks or scratches on the glass. It has no flat area and will roll if simply set on a flat surface, so think about using it in a bowl, or resting it on a base.

NOTE: The final photos show my other listing of glass fruit and vegetables made of glass.



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