Please Be Seated …

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Doll chairs can hang on the wall

Take a seat in one of the great options we just listed. A recent stash from Kate’s attic was just discovered, and it’s an especially fun one.

A rush seat and back on this wooden rocker

This was a collection of doll furniture, a treasure stash snatched up at an estate sale. Here was a loveseat, a rocker, a small stool, chairs with and without arms — all were part of ths group. Wicker, hand-painted wood, wrought iron and hand-tied rush were the materials used.

Wicker Armchair and Side Table

You don’t own any dolls, you say? No problem. Vintage doll-sized chairs make great decor pieces.

Of course they can hold dolls. They’re perfect for displaying a child’s beloved companions as well as the collectible dolls found in the possession of a grown-up. But they also work without beautifully without any dolls at all.

Hang them on a wall the way the Shakers hung their chairs, and you’ve added a three-dimensional element to a wall grouping.

Display your bromeliad on a throne chair

Leave them setting out on shelf, or tabletop, or on a bookcase. You can see that they look charming standing on their own.

Display a special shell on a wicker loveseat

Use them to display a small potted plant, a special seashell, a floral nosegay, perhaps.

Check out all of them now right HERE.  But  don’t wait: these are one-of-a-kind vintage pieces.