Oh, Those Salad Days!

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This salad serving bowl and four matching small bowls in green carnival glass dates back to a time when American cooks reveled in salads; they were served at every evening meal. There was iceberg lettuce tossed salad, of course; but also five-cups salads, and bean salads, slaws and Waldorf salad, potato salads, and all kinds of jello-based sweet salads (both with and without tiny marshmallows).

A favorite when we were kids had fruit cocktail (canned) and whipped cream (real).

Some kinds went in shallow bowls, while others were best served from plates. I remember my Mom’s frozen salads, made in aluminum ice trays and cut into squares for serving. She had a pink one with cherries, and a green one with cream cheese, and sometimes both at once, depending on the occasion. Who even needed dessert after salads like those?

Oh, those salad days! I remember them well.

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