Define your terms: Vintage “Nappy”

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Fostoria Milk Glass Nappy in the shop
Candlewick Heart-Shape Nappy in the shop

A “nappy” is a Victorian term generally used for the nut dish or candy bowl that would set around the room, or even on the corners of the drawing room card tables when the games were on. Most often today the term “nappy” appears to refer to a shallow bowl or dish manufactured in late 19th-early 20th centuries, generally made with one or even two handles.

Apparently it goes all the way back to Middle English and the word “nap,” which was used to describe a shallow drinking bowl.

Did you also know … many nappies

Enesco Nappy with hand-painted roses
Enesco Nappy with hand-painted roses in the shop

appear to have been made when American Brilliant Cut glass was popular. So in addition to crystal, milk glass, and even painted ceramics, you’ll also see these candy dishes in lots of colors and patterns of glass.

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  1. Thanks for that info! I love learning new stuff about old things. So much info gets lost over the years.

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